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Who is fiveofive?

We are a creative and experienced team of IT developers (amongst others;)) located in Central Europe. We built this page especially for our favorite product of Virtual Reality. Welcome galactic guest!

*No animals were harmed during the production of this website. #fiveofive

was established to deliver awesome Virtual Reality products! Virtual reality is on the march to become one of the best technologies on the globe.

What we do

whene it comes to Virtual Reality?

VR Mobile Apps

We are developing a wide range of VR Mobile applications, such as fun games for improving B2C relations, B2B presentations, etc. For who? For anyone who is dares enough to be different. This goes out to all different sized enterprises and for “one man bands” as well.

Help and Support

We offer you help in all stages of VR app development - from baby steps until adulthood. Meaning: we will help you with creative ideas and getting them to life. In the end we offer you basic statistical reports and technical support.

How to use

Our VR apps are easy to use. All you need to do is search for them in online app stores and install them on your smart phone. We offer more “view” options, such as VR mode (with Cardboard or similar glasses), Gyroscope mode and classic mode.

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VR meets Classic

As a client you can choose for your app to have a VR view, Gyro view and Regular. Regular view comes really handy for all who are on the lazy side and they don’t like to move more than necessary. If you want a classic mobile app and dedicate a part of it to VR – it can be done as well.

Complete Solutions

You can tell us what you want and we will deliver complete service. By complete we mean that we will make for you a whole (complete) package - from ideas and sketches to published VR app and personalized Cardboard glasses with your corporate identity.

Cardboard glasses

Cardboard glasses are great for business gifts, perfect for promotional material and way better than regular brochures. For our clients we make a personalized Cardboard glasses with their corporate identity.


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VR implementation covers different segments:


VR in tourism has a massive potential on so many different levels. One of them is destination presentation, either by photographs or movies. Beside destination, VR gives you the opportunity to present hotels, hostels, B&B, restaurants, museums and more in all the glory they can provide. If you want to promote your tourism destination, infrastructure or activity via VR, we are here for you. Our brains “love to storm” and I can assure you that we will deliver out of the box ideas and scenarios.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could show your client a VR model of his/hers dream house before it is built? Your client would not be able just to see the wanted house in virtual reality but actually walk through the house and discover it bit by bit – as he/she would explore his/hers real house. If they need to consult with other family members before investing in a new home they could simply download the app on their smartphone and with help of cardboard glasses show the VR house to other members or decision makers. The positive experience in the buying process leads in to long term collaboration and more happy clients.

Engineering and Industry

VR offers to engineering and industry branch many and more. VR gives the opportunity to see the final product before it is even made. When the product is in the early stages of development, digital 3D models in 2D picture – it is hard to imagine and to see potential mistakes the prototype may have. But if you have a prototype in virtual reality, you can move around it and inspect it from any angle and you can easily see where the prototype needs improvement. We all know how high the price of prototype can go, but there is a way to lower those costs in the expense of virtual reality.


Use of VR technology in medical is practically limited with our imagination. VR can be used for anatomical graphic displays of human or animal body (study material), treatment for patients with phobias, training for surgeons (surgery simulator), brain damage assessment and rehabilitation, programs for autistic children and young adults, meditation. There is also a segment which is commonly forgotten – disabled people. With the use of virtual reality they can walk and fly, they can play sports or they can go to museums or visit the famous Spanish steps in Rome. They can see the world in different perspective.


Virtual reality was mainly developed for gaming industry and we expect that it will grow sky high – the potential in this segment is out of proportions. We are not a typical gaming company, but we do VR games, the kind of games that can help in the field of corporate communications and promotions. We try to avoid Oculus just for one reason – not all can afford one. And that is why we make VR game apps, we want the VR technology is available to almost everyone. The Oculus in our company is used for advanced presentations (for fairs, conferences, campaigns, etc.) and bigger projects.


VR video offers you a different point of view on the chosen situation. This kind of media gives you the opportunity to feel like you (he is) are in the center of attention, a bay pas spectator or a hidden lurker. VR video is great for all kind of presentations, promotions, press conference and last but not least – a documentary filming, which is really power full way to express the present situation in a world where people can not relate easily. Via VR documentaries could potentially increase empathy and send a big message all over the globe.


  • "A brilliantly creative young team ready to provide ideas and solutions from scratch! We turned to them in need of a tool for attracting younger segments of the population. Their idea for a virtual-reality mobile game provided a simple but creative solution with immediately visible results. As the first such game in our market it caught immediate attention among youngsters and helped us increase our brand awareness."

    Uros Grilc, AMZS

  • "We have worked with Company Izstop d.o.o. on several other projects (e-auctions, electronic procurement, our webpage etc.) and we were always extremely satisfied with the results. What matters most for us, their technical support is very responsive. We are very pleased with their services and recommend it to anyone. When we heard that they do VR to we just couldn’t resist. ;)" p.s. we love our VR Asteroid Destroyer!"

    Uros Skufca, CEO, Praetor d.o.o.