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Knauf Insulation VR Experience
Knauf Insulation has given its potential customers a chance to walk through a virtual house and an industrial facility using VR technology...


Knauf Insulation was registered in Slovenia in 2007, after the family company Knauf took over the Škofja Loka stone wool insulation producer in 2006 in the process of expanding its isolation division. This has preserved the 60-year tradition of the largest producer of insulating materials in Slovenia. Knauf Insulation has a concentration of knowledge, experience and highly skilled personnel. With over 380 employees in the Knauf Insulation Group, the company produces over 100,000 tons of stone wool insulation annually. The company has the largest production plant in the group and the first with the new advanced technology, which replaces environmentally unfriendly coke with cleaner gas fuels. Knauf Insulation does not apply advanced and innovative approaches only to production processes, they are also a step ahead when it comes to marketing. Here, we offered our knowledge and experience. We created a mobile VR application, which enables Knauf Insulation to present its products in a completely new and unique way.


Users can get to know the various products used in the construction of the buildings. The application offers a virtual walk through different environments which are equipped with information points. All points are interactive, which means that they enable users to explore the insulation layers and materials used in walls, floors and ceilings, which are normally not visible in the real world. A unique virtual experience enables users to explore the entire insulating structure of a house or an industrial plant insulated with Knauf Insulation products, which provide better heat insulation and are much more economical. The mobile application works on Android and iOS devices.


In addition to the mobile VR application, Knauf Insulation decided to set up its first experience center in Škofja Loka in 2018 where, among other things, visitors can get to know the Knauf Insulation products using the advanced HTC Vive VR system. The Knauf Insulation project incorporates all of our previous experiences that we have in virtual reality. Our work contributes to the development of this new technology, which is getting evermore integrated in our daily lives.

Project details

Client: Knauf Insulation Slovenia

Date: September 2018


Knauf Insulation Slovenia has gained a new and unique promotional tool without comparison based on VR applications (mobile in HTC Vive) ...