Postojna Cave Experience

Postojnska jama d.d.
Slovenia’s most popular tourist destination and the most frequented cave in the world has been transferred to VR. With our assistance, the Postojna cave entered the world of VR mobile applications supported by 360-degree technology.


Our client is aware of the new marketing approaches and the importance of following global trends. Relatively fast, the company needed an innovation to present at the tourist trade fair in Rimini, and VR was the answer. Aside from the Slovenian underground pearl, they also wanted to present their renovated Postojna Cave Hotel Jama.


We visited the Postojna cave and shot a directed 360-degree video. The video is centered around an individual ride with the tour train accompanied by a guide who takes us to the most beautiful parts of the cave, shedding light on its underground story and directing our attention. At the end, the guide invites us to visit the cave and discover its secrets in person. Aside from the train ride we also shot spherical photographs of Postojna Cave Hotel Jama and used them to create an app that was made available to the world (mobile application). Thanks to our solution, anyone can see the interior of the cave with the help of a VR headset or without it (if their phone has an integrated gyroscope).


Due to the unfavorable conditions inside the cave, the 505VR team gained a lot of experience making the 360-degree video. Filming on the train was the biggest struggle, primarily due to the wet tracks which expose the train to strong vibration. Also problematic were the color temperature, altered from chamber to chamber, the density of air, and stitching the video together. In the end, we overcame all the obstacles and finished the project in time. The shooting of spherical photographs of Postojna Cave Hotel Jama and integrating them into a mobile application went smoothly – all we needed was clear weather to give us a view of the nearby Mt Nanos.

Project details

Client: Postojnska jama d.d.

Date: October 2016

Link: www.postojnska-jama.eu

The Postojna Cave company presented their 360-degree train tour video at the Rimini tourist trade fair in October 2016. They took a part of the wagon train with them to make the attraction even more inviting. The very next month, they also took their VR ride to the World Travel Market in London.