Cardboard VR Goggles


Spice up your promotional campaigns – present your products and services via virtual reality in your customers' homes.

Success in marketing means being first. How to be first? By conquering new tools for spreading your brand's story. The best approach to selling your products and services is having personal contact with customers and clients. The world we live in is filled with numerous marketing channels that envelop our everyday lives. VR enables you to enter your customer's homes directly with the help of modern technology and present your brand in the comfort of their living room via entertaining and educational content.

What are VR glasses?
Producing virtual reality and equipment that enables a VR experience are still very expensive. This is why we have manufactured a cheaper version of VR glasses, which works without additional software – all that you need is a smart phone.

Cardboard VR glasses are an affordable promotional product.
How do these glasses work?
The glasses are easy to use. They come precut in cardboard and are ready for usage in a few easy moves. A user simply inserts his or her smartphone in the cardboard and the VR experience may begin.

Since it is a cardboard product, the non-assembled glasses may be used for various promotional purposes and this provides multifunctionality.

Examples of multifunctionality:
  • a cardboard box for food delivery
  • a cardboard box for all types of deliveries
  • cardboard packaging for all types of products
Why do companies use them?
Cardboard glasses offer unlimited potential in promotional campaigns. Companies, which have discovered the advantages of promotional tools are a step or two ahead of their competitors, because they are creating personal contact between companies, clients and products.

5 reasons why you should conquer the market with our VR glasses?

Your brand is oriented around the consumer and takes care of his or her needs, creating personal interaction between companies and consumers.

In the modern world, where we are overwhelmed by countless information, a VR experience is created to completely focus ones attention through virtual reality.

Clients are completely immersed in a trip through your brand. This new interactive experience is enhanced by attractive content of audio effects and visualisation. Your brand will be presented in a unique and entertaining way.

This personal experience of virtual reality (VR) creates unforgettable memories and at the same time better connections between you and your customers. Novelties create unforgettable memories for all of us.

A new and appealing move in marketing new products or services. Glasses provide your customers an option to get to know and like your product without being physically present.

We all realize that word-to-mouth is the best tool in marketing. It brings new customers and sales. Promotional VR glasses will do just that.

505BOX Pocket

Our new 505BOX Pocket model is suitable for all recent larger smartphones. Along with VR this model also enables AR experiences.

505BOX Ultra

505505BOX Ultra is one of the most popular model of VR glasses. The box is made of corrugated cardboard and easy to use with larger smartphones.


The Smartbox VR model was made to resemble the Google Carboard V2 glasses. It is placed in printed packaging. The GC Pro is redy to be used without folding.

505BOX Easy

The most affordable version we have to offer at the moment. Glasses are small and simple. This version has the largest magnifying lens in our portfolio and it maximizes the immersion effect. In this model, the telephones support menu is accessed via a perforated spot, prepared in these glasses.