Reality lies in the eyes of the beholder; exciting, attractive, tempting, or scary.; Anyone can experience it,; We create it.


Because reality today is not uniform but rather a game of interpretation, feeling, and perception, enabled by modern technology, we have begun to create our own virtual reality. A world where only sky is the limit, yet not always. This is how 505VR came to be.
505VR™ is the result of years of experience in the field of utilizing and developing technological solutions, which marks a new direction in the development of our company. By merging cutting-edge technology and modern approaches in communication, we create an original and inspiring experience for our clients.
We implement all of our projects comprehensively, adjusting our solutions to the strategies of our clients and their end users. On a daily basis and with each of our tasks, we bring together creative solutions or strategies with video production and the development of applications and programs, finishing the project with the best possible results.



Sustainable tourism in Slovenia

How Booking.com sees the future of tourism in Slovenia and the role of our company 505VR in tourism promotion and development.

Members of The VR/AR Association (VRARA)

In March 2018 we became members of The VR/AR Association (VRARA).

Novo Mesto-based Pharmaceutical Company Entering the 360-Degree Domain

Yesterday, 505VR entered a deal with Krka. By means of a 360-degree video, the Novo mesto-based pharmaceutical giant will present their newest and technically most advanced Notol 2 plant.



We are new-age stitchers who utilize the digital sewing needle to fuse photographs and videos, ensuring that your VR experience is free of annoying threads and crumpled edges.

The emergence of the new 360 technology calls for new approaches and skills in both photography aswell as video. To guarantee that the end product leaves the spectator speechless, professional production that provides each and every detail on the basis of experience is essential. Forget about what is "behind the camera" - with 360 shots, the entire surroundings, including each microphone and technical assistant, are laid out for the spectator to see.
However, it is not only the shooting that needs to be spot-on to ensure a perfect experience - postproduction is just as important. To this day, the stitching of video material and photographs remains one of the greatest challenges for those involved in 360 production. And because quality production is so time consuming, we present our products with pride. In case you don't know, we are not among those people who will leave a job half-done.

To be at two different locations simultaneously is no longer science fiction. While ordinary videos can be deceptive, 360 shots cannot. The spectator becomes the master of their line of sight.

We live in times when we want to see everything instantly, to show others what they are missing out on, and invite them to join us the last minute. Until recently, it was virtually impossible to enable a comprehensive experience to someone who is not with us. Today, however, we can follow and explore in person the events across the globe, be they concerts, conferences, or even romantic exchanges of vows.
We should, of course, be paying attention to those who are "on stage", but we are always interested in what is going on in the audience - aren't we? Live 360-degree streams enable a comprehensive overview of what is going on without having to worry whether the camera was turned in the direction where most was happening in the moment.

We will never leave you empty-handed or with a tool you will not know how to use. We do not produce tools but rather ready-made solutions.

Whenever you start tackling a new technology, you probably ask yourselves: "How am I supposed to use this? And how will my clients use it?" The answer to that question lies in intuitive applications, which happen to be our advantage over other providers of 360 solutions. The solutions we offer are as easy as using a cellphone.
In an era overflown with information and stimuli, the spectator has to be addressed in a simple and thought-through manner - when they are most receptive and feel like it. That is why we pay attention to the medium and means through which your clients will access the 360 experience.

Being the crafty tailors of VR gowns that we are, we cannot resist perfecting them to the best of our abilities with attractive and useful accessories.

Nearly any 360 experience can be improved with various accessories. We produce cardboard VR headsets with our client's customized print, making them perfect for promotional campaigns, presentations, or original corporate gifts.
VR enables the user to be completely immersed in an experience and actively participate in it. Using the triggers from our offer, the spectators can activate various additional functions within the application. Imagine taking a tour of a virtual house and using a trigger to open and close the windows, doors, and drawers or move objects and even yourself around... Or defending yourself against villains in a video game.

Why 505VR


... Because we know how to even the most demanding of your needs and - most importantly - find unique solutions that will surpass your expectations.


... Because we are a team of individuals with expert knowledge in different fields which, when combined, produces excellent result.


... Because we have programmers eager to fulfill nearly any wish and text writers who will not miss a single comma.


... Because we implement our projects comprehensively, responsibly, and responsively, paying attention to the tiniest of detail you might have overlooked.


... Because we do what we do with a clear vision of the result: an extraordinary experience for the user and measurable advantage for the client.


... Because we are fun and eager, chubby and slim, tall and short, carnivore and vegan, and - most importantly - laid-back, sincere, and brave.



We are presenting our new affordable cardboard VR glasses – ideal for marketing campaigns.

Producing virtual reality and equipment that enables a VR experience are still very expensive. This is why we have manufactured a cheaper version of VR glasses, which works without additional software – all that you need is a smartphone.