Novo Mesto-based Pharmaceutical Company Entering the 360-Degree Domain

Yesterday, 505VR entered a deal with Krka. By means of a 360-degree video, the Novo mesto-based pharmaceutical giant will present their newest and technically most advanced Notol 2 plant.

  • Photo by: Krka d.d.

Krka’s Notol 2 plant, which is worth 200 million EUR and was launched a year and a half ago, is entering the world of VR. The company wishes to present their innovative production process in a 360-degree video because it enables the viewer a comprehensive overview and creates a realistic spatial sense. The video will only be made available to a selected audience, however, there is no need to give up your hopes for seeing the plant because you might just find yourselves in the Notol 2 plant someday. Krka opted for 505VR in their call for bids on the basis of our extensive professional experience.