AMZS City Drive VR

Do your trust your driving abilities? And are you still familiar with traffic regulations? With the help of AMZS City Drive VR, you can discover what your weak spots are.


The aim of AMZS was to stay true to their ideology while killing two birds with one stone – they wanted to bring their services closer to the youth and enable them to test their knowledge of traffic regulations for themselves. At the same time, they also wanted the product to be set up on a 360-degree platform.


The 505VR team envisioned a new VR video game. We set up different obstacles and AMZS offices throughout the game. As we had very little time to complete the project, we had to find solutions that would best fit our time limit.


We designed our very first VR game. This was the first time we had to do some serious programing and we only had 12 work days to complete the project. Out schedules were unbelievably tight and we stopped counting how many coffees we had drunk. The biggest challenge was programing the oncoming cars. Despite all the obstacles, we successfully completed the project and even provided technical support at the trade fair.

Project details

Client: AMZS City Drive VR

Date: September 2016

Link: www.amzs.si