Akeš campaign

The Akeš campaign had to hit streets and there is no better way of attracting passers-by than with a VR video game.


Before the start of Abanka Bank’s Akeš campaign, we received an inquiry from Digigral – the company behind the campaign. They wanted to create an inviting video game with which they could expand their promotion. They were interested primarily in VR.


For the purpose of the campaign, we came up with a simple yet entertaining video game: in relatively little time, the user has to pop as many balloons in their vicinity as they can. We also integrated the use of a wireless trigger with which the user can fire a projectile.


The project was not intended for the general public but rather for random Akeš campaign users. If you are interested in how well the product was received, feel free to watch the video.

Project details

Client: Digigral d.o.o.

Date: October 2016

Link: www.akes.si