Dacia Sandero

Renault Nissan Slovenija
At Dacia, they are kooky about thinking outside the box. They parked their car in the virtual world where they are proud to present what they have to offer and just how much progress they have made.


Renault Nissan Slovenia wanted their Dacia Sandero to be placed in the virtual world. They are fully aware that by wowing potential customers their undertaking can contribute immensely to their sales. Needing their original idea to be put into action in a relatively short period of time, they came across our solution. Quickly, their wish was replaced with anticipation.


During the stages of conceptual design, 505VR offered their client a mobile application with integrated 360-degree photographs and active points presenting the vehicle’s additional equipment. The original solution was designed to be used by Dacia’s car dealers but it can be expanded for any of their customers to use. Aside from the descriptions of additional equipment, we also embedded interactive video contents into the application.


Considering the vast knowledge at our disposal, the 505VR team completed the project in the agreed-on time frame. The application was developed for Android and the VR experience was brought by Samsung’s Gear VR headset. 505VR visited the technical center in Novo mesto to see for ourselves how thrilled our client and the end users were. We captured their excitement in the two videos below that you are free to watch.

Project details

Client: Renault Nissan Slovenija

Date: December 2016

Link: http://www.dacia.si

As we have already mentioned, our client primarily needed the application for a three-day on-boarding of their newly employed car dealers. In the course of the training, some of the Slovenian, Serbian, and Croatian car dealers came across this technology for the first time and – needless to say – they were awestruck. Our client is convinced that VR is a form of good practice that could replace the mundane leafing through catalogues. Due to the illustrative presentation it offers, it is much more user-friendly. At Renault Nissan Slovenija, they have an additional few VR aces up their sleeve but we are not revealing them just yet – in time, they will be unveiled in our list of references.