Day in the life of…

Coca-Cola HBC
Coca-Cola is well aware of the needs of its followers and confident to spice up every single day. Its creative promoters have used virtual reality to show new sales approaches to their sales driving force.


At the beginning, Coca-Cola had a clear vision – they wanted something new. They wanted to present all of their marketing approaches in 360° technology. They needed a video which would reveal the lifestyles of different consumers and their reactions to various Coca-Cola campaigns. Video was later played at Coca-Cola HBC Leadership Conference in Rome. The entire production time-frame was shorter than one month.


505VR’s solution was the production of 360° video and player application for iOS and Android mobile platforms, but also the complete technical support at the conference in Rome. So not to leave the visitors of the conference with only a one-time experience, cardboard VR goggles with Coca-Cola design were prepared which visitors could take with them and enjoy the experience again and again.


Client wishes gave us quite a challenge. The biggest was a short production time frame. Once the lights of the new year celebrations went out, we had to prepare the scripts for two stories – one being a day in the life of young student, and the other one, a day in the life of mum with a full-time job. Both videos had to be shot in a first-person’s point-of-view, so we used the best solution currently on the market – Samsung Gear 360 Camera. In the first half of the January, the production team went to Belgrade to do a three-day shooting and brought back huge amounts of video material, which was later meaningfully embedded in the video application for internal use. The project reached its peak at the conference in Rome at the end of January, where more than 300 members of Coca-Cola HBC and Coca-Cola companies enjoyed the story filmed in 360°. It was a remarkable thing, how much 505VR was able to accomplish in so little time.

Project details

Client: Coca-Cola HBC Serbia

Date: January 2017

Link: http://www.coca-colahellenic.rs