Our client, who is known for striving to stay in sync with new technologies, made a bold move when organizing Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana. For the first time ever in Slovenia, their fashion show was streamed live using 360-degree technology.


Agency Pristop, the organizer of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana, wanted to provide their fashion-aware audience with a true 360-degree spectacle. Their aim was to enable anyone who could not attend the event in person to see it virtually. To make things even better, the view they offered in their stream was that of a person sitting in the first row.


The 505VR team prepared thoroughly for the event held in Cankarjev Dom. We had to consider all the technological capabilities and opt for some new technologies. We were not sure whether we should use six GoPro cameras or rather Entaniya lenses. At the end, we went for two Entaniya lenses with a 250-degree shooting angle – this enabled us to stitch the recordings faster and provided a good view. Since the live stream was set up on a Youtube channel – primarily due to easier integration into social networks – the data transmission was almost entirely smooth. And because we did not want to set up boring cameras fixed onto even more boring tripods, we called Nataša Peršuh, a fashion designer, to help us design our very own camera stand. We named her Lolita.


Despite the fact that the technically-demanding, visually supported, and media-resounding project called for many unique solutions, we succeeded in completing it with smiles on our faces. The team gained a lot of additional knowledge and new experience in the 360-degree live industry. Both the client and our team were also impressed by how well Lolita did. If you are interested how our preparations went, feel free to watch the video.

Project details

Client: Pristop

Date: October 2016

Link: www.mbfashionweeklj.si