Notol 2 – 360-Degree Production

Krka d.d.
Altering the history of their production, the Novo-Mesto based pharmaceutical company has innovated the process of producing pharmaceutical drugs with the Notol 2 building. They changed the production process from a traditional linear to a vertical one, which they wanted to present by means of the 360-degree technique.


Reaching out to agencies, Krka wanted to find a skilled contractor who would produce a 360-degree video for them. The 360-degree content was supposed to present the vertical production process in the newest addition to the Krka factory, Notol 2; and was targeted at those clients and business partners who due to great distance and the consequent logistic obstacle cannot see the factory in person. Our client wanted the video to contain dynamic scenes exclusively. Because this particular technique tends to be problematic in terms of stabilization (even unfinished and inaccessible), we had to use all of our knowledge and experience. And it was precisely on the basis of experience that Krka opted for 505VR against the two competing agencies in the shortlist.


In most cases, the 505VR team had to adapt the shooting for the scenes taken in robotized production systems. Because we were shooting at short distance, we utilized a Samsung Gear360 camera. Our client also wanted to present the exterior image of the Notol 2 production building, which our team was able to accomplish using a drone equipped with a 360-degree camera. Operating the flying camera was Janez Nebec from OneDrone d.o.o., who is currently the only person in the Slovenian market with a business certificate for flying drones over cities and buildings.


The Notol 2 production building demands compliance with certain standards and the filming crew had to act in accordance – from wearing protective clothing to respecting the production timeline. However, the biggest challenge was shooting from the air and operating the camera attached to an electric motor, which moved along the production line. When airborne, our drone experienced difficulties upon encountering wind and tall objects. A shaking image can be fixed easily with normal videos; however, with 360-degree videos, things are more complicated. Another obstacle was the current Slovenian legislation that prohibits anyone without a certification from flying drones. Once again, the 505VR team proved that we are capable of overcoming difficult and bureaucratic obstacles.

Project details

Client: Krka d.d.

Date: May 2017

Link: http://www.krka.si