Port of Koper

360 aplication


Complete logistic support for cargo loading and storage capacity for see and land traffic, for any kind of product (materials). Company is keen to invest in modernization, development and quality maintenance in order to be in front of the innovations and ahead of the main competitors. Their willingness to be up to date with technology and focus to invest in modernization has led to a creative idea, where the company decided to invested in VR technology, with which they wanted to present the horizon of Luka Koper port.


For Port of Luka Koper, we have created Virtual walk through their main points on which, the company is focused on. The company decided to show the port of Luka Koper from the sky. These focused points are among the strongest part of their main communication strategy for current and future customers. With this new application they are able to walk them through 360 topographies and videos and give them additional information about their current and future investments. Walk through application is preprogrammed and included interaction »teleporting« points and points with addition content with rendered visualization of »yet to be« investments.


Vow, I didn’t know that our Port of Luka Koper is so huge and modern ... just an example of customer first impression, when he saw Luka Koper via our Virtual reality app. This is an example of a good practice, where we, with a help of our technology, successfully implemented the usage of VR technology and other innovative solutions into very useful product and with that – showing the customer the view, from the other side of perspective.

Project details

Client: Port of Koper

Date: November 2019

Link: https://luka-kp.si/eng/