Slovenian Tourist Board



Every year, the Slovenian Tourist Board appears at the world’s largest tourism fairs, such as: WTM and ITB where, due to their high competitiveness, they want to use and present new innovative digital for promotion of Slovenian tourism.


Together with the Slovenian Tourist Board representatives, we have created an innovative digital product – AR screen, which have multiple functions and can be individualy adjusted, accroding the the current need.


We have created a futuristic screen that works with augmented reality. The screen size is 2 meters x 1 meter, allowing individuals to look through a real-world window with a mix of digital content. In this case, we have shown Slovenian indigenous animals, more specifically the brown bear. The animation is interactive, meaning it works on motion sensors. The animation attracted many visitors to the fair site, who were first introduced to this type of technology. The AR screen can be freely moved or positioned permanently. AR screen can be easily adopted for outdoor and indoor use.

Project details

Client: Slovenian Tourist Board

Date: January 2020