The Maritime Museum Piran

360 Virtual App
»VR access« project for visiting hidden places and other interesting elements in scope of »COME IN« project


Museums are places where everyone should be able to see and learn about our cultural heritage. However, many museums in Central Europe, encounter difficulties to be accessible for all due to a lack of organisational knowledge and of limited financial resources, both for investments and adequate promotion.


Good example of implementation of useful VR technologies are museums, where we can help visitors with limited mobilities to see also, so called »hidden places« which are due to cultural protections of objects, impossible to upgrade to be more »user friendly« and accessible for all.


In scope of EU project »COME IN« we prepared VR project for museum Sergeja Mašera from Piran, where we took 360 photos of the objects (several houses in different places) and convert them into »VR access« tour. This VR tour enables visitors to move around the places (houses, rooms ...), to receive special information’s (via info points) and literary, relieve the places as it was lived once in past time. With a help of these technologies, museums are any other authorities can introduce/represent also other interested things which would be in other, remain hidden.

Project details

Client: The Maritime Museum Piran

Date: September 2019

Link: https://pomorskimuzej.si/en/projects-and-cooperation/come-in