VR VELUX Mansarda

At Velux Slovenia, they strive to improve the quality of life in attic apartments and have decided to present their roof windows in VR. They wanted to showcase their products for anyone in favor of new technologies to see, while also presenting their technology as being easy enough for everyone else to use. The end product, which is the sum of all of our client’s wishes, is VR Velux Mansarda accessible at mansarda.si.


Our client was the Slovenian affiliate of the Velux company. Since other European affiliates have already introduced VR technology, they were bound to follow the trend themselves. Participating in the MOS trade fair, they wanted to be the only ones who would integrate VR into their presentation. At the same time, they were also aiming at utilizing VR in order to attract other potential customers.


We presented our client with a ready-made mobile application called Velux VR Mansarda, supported by Android and iOS devices. By the means of it, users can wander round various attic apartments by utilizing their cellphone’s gyroscope, sliding their finger across the screen, or by wearing a VR headset. We have also set up a website with 360-degree photographs to enable the experience for those without a smartphone.


Working on the VR Velux Mansarda project, the 505VR team had to use all of our previously-gained knowledge. Thanks to favorable weather conditions, we were able to take some of the best 360-degree photographs. What was interesting was the quantity of cardboard VR headsets the client ordered. Setting up an internet campaign that included free VR headsets with their customized design in the offer, our client attracted attention all over Slovenia.

Project details

Client: Velux Slovenia d.o.o.

Date: August 2016

Link: www.mansarda.si

Following the official release of their VR application supported by Android and iOS devices, Velux Slovenia decided to organize a press conference. They also invested in the marketing of the VR product itself, distributing cardboard VR headsets among their potential clients. According to their reports, the demand has increased dramatically and they have been sending around loads of VR headsets ever since. Based on the quantity of VR headsets distributed, it seems that the current Slovenian market is hungry for VR.