VRhunski Base Jump

A1 Slovenija
Each project is a story in itself. As we keep trying to push the boundaries of our previous achievements, we have invited the company AR9 to partner with us. They were in charge of CGI, adding the familiar A1 fireflies to the 360° video. Next to the 360° video we also shot a promotion film.


The idea was to test a 360 degree camera (Samsung Gear 360/2017) in "extreme" conditions. Our main point of interest was the camera's performance at the speed of over 200 km/h. We realised early on that we had a problem, as the quadcopter (drone) could not shoot movements at that speed. Since the drone failed, we looked further. We found a solution through our cooperation with the company Phoenix-Fly which manufactures wingsuits. Edo Senica and Robert Pečnik are two base jumpers who design and test wingsuits. Once we got our test shots we realised this was more than just a test. We decided to create the Base Jump VR/360 experience.


After a great deal of thinking and studying we approached the company A1, as we believed them to be the ideal partner to take the project from the idea to its realisation. We create amazing experience while A1 enables them. "Supreme VR Base Jump" is something exceptional. Partnering with A1 was the right thing, as they liked our idea very much and we found a common point of interest.


Considering the specific requirements of the project and particularities of the shooting, we decided to use the Samsung Gear 360/2017 camera. We mounted it on the jumpers so it gives the viewer a 'first-person' view. This means that the person viewing the video feels that he or she is the one that is actually flying. This provides a large number of people with an unforgettable experience of flying over the Boka Waterfall and the Bovec Valley.

The telephones used for video display are Samsung S8 and Samsung S8+ in combination with Samsung Gear VR glasses. We have partnered with excellent subcontractors, designing with them a special table that allows the user to assume a lying position similar to that of the jumper, thus enhancing the flying experience. The table is able to tilt so as to avoid the risk of cybernetic sickness.

Project details

Client: A1 Slovenija d. d.

Date: October 2017

Link: https://www.a1.si/pomoc-in-informacije/nagradne-igre/vr-base-jump

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VR presentation was launched in the beginning of November and has been touring the A1 sales points. Find the list of locations and dates as well as terms and conditions of the prize competition here.