Vipava Valley

Municipality Ajdovščina
Vipava Valley is crafted by Sun and Wind. In Vipava Valley you can discover an unspoiled nature, fertile soil, ancestral stories and kind people all year round. Slogan: Vipava Valley – Uniquely different. All year round.


The Municipality of Ajdovščina turned to us when searching for a new and innovative way to present the Vipava valley. Our solution was the production of 360-degree video app for Oculus GO which presents the Vipava valley and all of its tourist offer in a unique way.


We produced a 360-degree role played video. It’s a story about a young couple taking a vacation in Vipava valley. During their stay, they discover the hidden corners of the Vipava valley. Through the eyes of a young couple, we cycle on the surrounding hills and valleys, ride horses between vineyards, fish by the Vipava River, paraglide and experience the valley form a bird’s perspective, and taste the excellent wines of Vipava winemakers in local wine cellars.


A 360-degree video makes it possible to experience the Vipava valley almost as if we were actually there.

Project details

Client: Municipality Ajdovščina

Date: October 2018


Vipava tourism has gained a modern and attractive promotional product, which will definitely attract many new visitors to come to visit the Vipava valley.