Virtualni Bled

Turizem Bled
Bled is one of the most breath-taking places in Slovenia that even the locals visit repeatedly. As this is a destination Slovenians always recommend to people, it was only appropriate to make it available in VR.


As soon as VR technology set foot on our market, our client immediately wanted to have a ready-made solution. Turizem Bled envisioned an interactive, multi-lingual 360-degree presentation of Bled that would present all of the destination’s highlights.


One of our first VR projects took the form of mobile and web applications. Because VR technology was not as known at the time as it is today, the project demanded much of both effort and time. The 360-degree photographs of Bled were taken during winter. The VR application available on our client’s website was set up in cooperation with AV Studio.


This was 505VR’s first project that required 360-degree photographs of different different points of interest. The project also expanded our knowledge of Bled – the Bled Island, Osojnica, the Church of the Assumption, the Bled Castle, and Straža offer a great deal of interesting content. We are especially proud of this project, for it enabled us to set the foundations for mobile VR applications of the kind.

Project details

Client: Turizem Bled, Institute for the Promotion of Tourism

Date: December 2015

Link: http://www.bled.si/si/o-bledu/virtualni-bled