Wienerberger Slovenia

57th Home Fair
As an example of a good practice, we present you a successful story of our cooperation with Wienerberger Slovenia. Are you interested in how we invigorated the fair space and what we did to succeed in facilitating our client at the Home Fair Ljubljana 2018? Read more below ...


During the past years, Wienerberger Slovenija have been presenting themselves at exhibits through promotional spots, where visitors were able to test installation work with real bricks and tiles. This brought on the problem of daily delivery and removal of construction material, eventually leading to an ecological and economical problem, as well as complex logistics issues regarding organizing this activity at various locations.


In an effort to minimize these issues, Wienerberger Slovenija have decided to present part of their products with the help of our expertise. We proposed a solution enabled by VR technology and produced a virtual app for HTY Vive, in which a visitor was able to take part in a fun and educational prize game. The app provided an unforgettable experience through two possible scenarios – placing Tondach roof tiles on a virtual roof or building a house structure with IZO Profi bricks filled with mineral wool and Porotherm DRYFIX single-component adhesive.


This modern approach was much more environmentally friendly than previous Wienerberger Slovenija experiences, as well as more affordable and suitable for different locations. Wienerberger used our product in March 2018 to present themselves at the Home Fair in Ljubljana and in the Skopje City Mall, as well as in other countries in the region.

Project details

Client: Wienerberger Slovenia

Date: 13. March 2018

Link: https://wienerberger.si/novice/sejem-dom-2018

Wienerberger is a leading global manufacturer of bricks and roof tiles with more than 263 manufacturing sites in 30 countries, including Slovenia.

In the few days of the Home Fair in Ljubljana, the virtual prize game at the Wienerberger promotional spot had been tested by more than 1000 people and more than half of them expressed interest in Wienerberger products.