Danfoss Slovenia

Digital Agency CNJ
We built a 3D AR mobile app which presents Danfoss’ radiator valves in a modern interactive way.


Danfoss Slovenia is a producer of thermostatic radiator valves for ambient temperature regulation. These valves feature an adjustable optimal water distribution setting, which improves the level of comfort and results in a reduced energy consumption. Our client, CNJ digital agency, wanted to present Danfoss’ products in a new, interactive way.


After a short brainstorming we came up with an idea to develop a mobile AR (augmented reality) app, which Danfoss’ representatives will be able to use as a part of their product presentations (fairs, congresses and seminars).


When developing apps with AR technology, a great deal of attention must be paid to its key element – object recognition. The term object recognition refers to an ability of recognizing and determining the position of a chosen 3D object in an image, captured by your smartphone’s camera. AR allows you to improve your view of the real world by overlaying graphics, texts, videos, and sounds over it.

Project details

Client: Digital Agency CNJ

Date: May 2018


A new and innovative technology enables Danfoss Slovenia to use a modern approach for their product presentations. The AR application has the ability to scan a physical valve, which serves as a marker to trigger the interactive 5-step 3D animation. This animation enables users and potential customers to see the complete (internal and external) valve assembly from different angles. AR application runs on Android and iOS.